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clogged dryer vent
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Cleaning a clogged dryer vent

A clogged dryer vent is a vent that is covered with dust, dirt, and other particles. Now why should you even care about a clogged dryer vent; of course you should care because a clogged dryer can prevent your dryer from working properly. And also, a clogged dryer vent can drastically reduce the life span of your dryer.

It is important for you to clean your dryer vent every 6 months or yearly, because the more you use your dryer to dry close, the more lint builds up inside the vent. So to prevent your dryer from malfunctioning as a result of a clogged vent, make it a yearly habit to always clean the vent of your dryer.

Air Conditioning Coral Springs wants to teach you the steps you should take in other to clean your clogged dryer’s vent yourself.


Step 1

The first step is always to disconnect your dryer completely from the power source. This is very important because you might receive serious electric shock from the dryer if it is not completely disconnected from the power source.

Step 2

Pull the dryer away from the wall a little so that the vent can be fully visible. Now use a screwdriver and unscrew the vent clamp from the wall and then bring out the vent from the dryer.

Step 3

Now that the vent is out, remove every lint buildup inside the hole on the back of the dryer from where you just pulled out the vent.

Step 4

Remove any lint buildup in the tube that houses the vent. Make sure you clean the vent thoroughly as well as the tubing that houses the vent.

Step 5

Now carefully arrange everything back the way they were before the cleaning. Also screw back the vent clamp to the wall.

Congratulations you have successfully cleaned your dryer vent.

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