Like the saying goes; ‘prevention is better than a cure’, meaning it is better you prevent an air conditioner emergency, than to experience an actual AC emergency. And we must be honest with you that an AC emergency situation is not a pleasant situation at all.

Now a lot of factors can be responsible for AC emergency, so it is better to address those issues early, so that you won’t have an air conditioner emergency situation on your hands.

An AC emergency can be described as a situation that can put your comfort, safety, or even your life at risk. Simply put, an AC emergency is a situation whereby the absence of a functional air conditioner can actually threaten your life or that of the inhabitants of your home. And in case you reading this is not aware; there are several heat related diseases that can pose a serious threat to your life if not properly handled on time.

Heat related diseases or medical conditions like; heat related stroke, dehydration, heat related cramps, exhaustion, etc, can become potent if not well handled early enough. That is why we want to use this medium to enlighten you on how to prevent an air conditioner emergency. So below are 2 ways you can prevent an air conditioner emergency;

Have Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is very important, because it not only helps to prevent air conditioner emergency situations, but preventive maintenance also helps to keep your AC in good working condition. So if you don’t want to have an air conditioner emergency situation in your hands, make sure you hire a professional AC company to service and maintain your AC on a regular basis.

AC Tuneup

AC tuneup is another way you can prevent an air conditioner emergency. AC tuneup is very important because it is via tuneup that a lot of hidden faults will be revealed and addressed. There are some hidden problems inside your unit that will become severe and even knockout your unit in due course, but with the help of AC tuneup, such hidden problems will be addressed, and your unit will be saved from sudden breakdown.
So when you combine preventive maintenance with AC tuneup on a regular basis, the chances of you ending up in an air conditioner emergency situation will be very slim. Note that we used the world ‘slim’ because even though you did preventive maintenance and AC tuneup, your unit can still breakdown. But it is very unlikely for your air conditioner to break down suddenly, if you maintain and tune it up regularly.

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